When legendary Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah isn't charming fans on the field, he's leaving them completely starstruck on the road. 

Earlier this week, the star made headlines after checking in on an 11-year-old fan who got injured while trying to get a picture with him. 

Now identified as Louis Fowler, the boy and his 10-year-old brother Isaac were waiting outside Liverpool's Melwood Training Ground in hopes of getting a photo with the club's footballers. After spotting Salah driving out of the area, Fowler became so focused on getting a picture with the footballer ... so much that he took his eyes off the path ahead of him and ran into a lamp post, breaking his nose in the process. 

After realizing the child got injured trying to get to him, Salah turned around and drove to the little boy to check up on him. Not only that, but he also gave Fowler and his brother hugs and posed for pictures with them. 

The boys' stepfather Joe Cooper tweeted out the images. Naturally, they became the talk of the Twitter world. In an appearance on a British morning show, Fowler shared details of the incident. He explained that when his brother saw him fall, he went after Salah and told him what had happened. The footballer then turned around and drove right to the injured boy's house. 

After he met him, the award-winning sportsman gave Fowler a little telling off for injuring himself but it was all laughter and fun by the end of the meeting. 

Salah is known for his humility

People who witnessed the incident were shocked by the star's reaction but many of his fans weren't as surprised. After all, the star is known for being unfazed by his fantastical rise to stardom and is highly regarded for his humility especially when meeting fans. 

As his latest kind gesture continues to circulate online, it's winning over people's hearts. 

Everyone is hailing Salah

"Class act"


The king himself does it again

Not the first time a similar fan encounter goes viral

In 2018, another die-hard Salah fan, an Arab tweep known as Laila, was lucky enough to bump into the sports star in the elevator of a Russian hotel where he was staying during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The young woman effortlessly snapped a selfie with the footballer, after he agreed to it. She later uploaded the image on Twitter, sparking a social media frenzy like no other.