Eid Al Adha aka the "feast of the sacrificeis here ... and it's time for Muslims around the world to celebrate with traditional feasts, family gatherings, and, of course, a few hilarious memes.

Every year people upload hilarious social media posts and memes about the occasion. Whether it's the "eidiyyas" or lack thereof, there's always something to make light of during this time of year.

Here are a few that we're sure will make you ROFL:

1. On Eid Al Adha shirts

2. On the occasion's haircuts

3. On goats bracing themselves

4. "That knife better be for cake"

5. On reality vs. expectation

6. On family gatherings

7. On trying to avoid all the Eid hugs

8. On finding out you have to work this Eid

9. On all the Eid money calculations

9. On the disappointment of outgrowing Eiddiya's

10. On this Eid's reality

11. Happy Eid everyone!