Ever heard of a policeman fining himself? Well this Dubai policeman just did.

Although Corporal Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed could have just walked away form the scene where he accidentally hit a parked car, he instead fined himself and left a note on said vehicle. 

The owner of the damaged car, Egyptian Doctor Mohammad Ahmad Nabeel Abdul Aziz, was very impressed with the gesture, taking to social media to express his gratitude and appreciation for the Dubai police, Gulf News reported. 

After the story went viral, the Dubai police department honored Abdullah Ibrahim, giving him a certificate of thanks and appreciation. Major General Abdullah Al Merri also honored the policeman by promoting him. 

Dr. Abdul Aziz was honored as well by the Major for his social media feat, Gulf News added.  

While there are so many stories about police corruption and the abuse of power, it is refreshing to hear about the integrity of such a police officer and the professionalism of the Dubai police department.