PUBG, PUBG in the Arab world, PUBG GCC, Egyptian kid kills friend over PUBG fight

A horrifying murder took place in Kuwait on Saturday, with the popular online multiplayer battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - aka PUBG - as the motive. 

A 14-year-old Egyptian boy stabbed his friend, also Egyptian and just one year older, after a fight ensued between them regarding the game.

According to Youm 7, witnesses spotted the boys fighting and saw the defendant walk to a nearby store to buy a knife. He then came running back to the scene to stab the victim in the heart. 

When he realized his friend was dead, the teen fled the scene but was later arrested by authorities. 

During interrogation, the boy confessed to his crime and admitted that PUBG was the main reason behind the fight. The 14-year-old also explained that the victim had been racist towards him and bullied him because his mother is Sri Lankan. 

The teen's case has been referred to the country's public prosecution office as he's now set to face a trial. 

People had much to say after the shocking news of the crime started circulating

"This PUBG is a problem and addictive"

"A message to every mother and father: take care of your children"

"Especially when it comes to such games; monitoring them is a must." 

Some thought the game wasn't the reason

"Since when did PUBG affect teens this much? If war games didn't affect them, you think PUBG did?"

PUBG is a major hit in the Arab world

The video game has plenty of fans all over the world, and the Arab region is no exception. Just last month, an Egyptian couple who had met during a game of PUBG got engaged.

However, experts have warned of the dangers of PUBG, among other addicting video games. Subsequently, the World Health Organization (WHO) added gaming disorder to the addictive disorders section in June 2018.

In November 2018, Egyptian lawmakers announced they were considering a ban on the video game for inciting violence, but the ban has not been enforced.