For those of you who don't know what PUBG is but have heard of it relentlessly in 2018, let me break it down to you. 

PlayerUnknown's BattleGround - or abbreviated with four simple letters, PUBG - was all the rage in 2018 all over the planet. You could play it on a desktop or on your mobile phone, but the target remains the same, gather a squad and kill the enemy. Violent, yes, but very fun to play. 

Millions of Arabs found their way to this exciting game, and what's better than some Arab humor to show appreciation? A list of memes looted from the interwebs, of course. 

1. On Arabs looking for other Arabs

2. On abandonment issues

3. On love coming first

"While everyone is busy with PUBG, I'm busy with you.

There is no Arab other than you in my heart."

4. On trying to find love, even while gaming

5. On NYE plans

6. On more specific NYE plans

"Them: Where are you partying on New Year's Ever? 

Me: Where do you think? Pochinki or School (locations on a map in PUBG.)" 

7. On finding jobs and putting your skills to test

8. On recognizing the enemy from the friend

"I asked a friend why he's addicted to PUBG. He told me 'isn't it better than being addicted to social media? At least in this game I can differentiate between friends and enemies.'"

9. On Arab generosity and hospitality *skip to the second tweet*

10. On finding riches ... virtual riches

11. On Arab creativity and "feeling like a rockstar"

12. On failing to study

13. On miscommunication

14. On boring routines

"What do you hate about your daily routines?

When I don't win at PUBG."

15. On aspiring to become the best version of yourself