Every year, as Ramadan takes over for a whole month, preparations and excitement for the family gatherings - aka amazing food for iftar - conquer all Muslims.

A popular dessert during this holy month of Islamic fasting is non-other than the beautiful Egyptian creation: Umm Ali. 

This sweet dish is a staple of every iftar table, yet many take it for granted.

Umm Ali - meaning "Ali’s mother" - is a simple dessert made from basic ingredients such as pastries, cream/condensed milk, a mix of pistachios, raisins, and almonds.

For those who never had Umm Ali before - and you should reconsider your life choices - it is a sweet, perfect combination of bread pudding and baklava.

During Ramadan, Umm Ali is constantly being revamped by many chefs and cooking amateurs, to present this well-loved dessert but with a makeover. 

Here are nine undercover ways Umm Ali has decorated iftar tables:

1. Croissant Umm Ali

2. Umm Ali in a French Toast

3. Umm Ali out of a ... coconut

4. Decomposed, modern take on Umm Ali

5. Crème brûlée or Umm Ali?

6. Yes... that's exactly what it looks like: Umm Ali cake!

7. With ice cream?

8. The brioche-like version

9. The pudding-like version