Jordan's music scene has been witnessing a swift change when it comes to the sound being produced in its capital city.

Local talent in Amman isn't shying away from exhibiting their fresh, contemporary sounds to an eager young audience. With mixes between indie, rock, jazz, reggae, and local sounds, Jordanian bands are setting high standards. 

Here are seven local bands you should keep an eye on in Amman:

1. Garaseen

The duo, Mohammad Idreesi and Nairuz Ajlouni, started out in 2015 with a chill sound, but slowly developed it into an indie-electro-pop one.

Garaseen recently signed with AIR FM - Amsterdam International Radio - for the release of their first EP this June.

2. Ayloul

Ayloul - meaning "September" - is a Jordanian band formed in 2013, with members from Irbid. They're known for mixing indie-rock sounds with traditional Arabic ones to form a unique, dynamic style

Their lyrics communicate their take on social-political issues occurring around the region.

3. Albaitil Ashwai

Albaitil Ashwai - meaning "Random House" - is a six-year-old neo-Sufi rock band that skillfully integrates Sufism beliefs and symbols in their music and lyrics. 

They blend indie-rock sounds along with some folk, reggae, and traditional sounds - combining both eastern and western sounds. 

Their new album "Nuun" drew inspiration from non-other than the renowned poet Rumi and was released in April.

4. Ghaem Jozi

Ghaem Jozi - meaning "Partly Cloudy" - is a post-contemporary one-man show with a unique electro-dance sound. Odai Shawagfeh, who's behind this name, has music that takes you to a whole other place as you listen

His method? Translating old traditional songs into a trance and dance-like sound, thus collecting all sounds and merging them into a live collective performance. 

5. El Morabba3

El Morabba3 - meaning "The Square" - is a rock band formed in 2009 and is known for having influenced the Jordanian underground alternative scene with their take on rock and indie-electronica sounds

Their pristine sound, in terms of instruments and musical arrangement, is what gives them their edge.

6. Half-Step Down

This band was created a year ago and is already booked for gigs and radio interviewsThey cover popular songs which get the audience up and dancing and have their own original sounds as well.

What makes them distinctive? They bring up the 80's soul and funk into their music.

7. Omar Shukri and the Jazz Group

If you like jazz, then this band is worthy of a listen, especially that they have a 60-song live set.

With an increased demand for more familiar music, they revamped their set list and introduced familiar mainstream music with their own jazzy twist.