Knowing what to do but most importantly what NOT to do when visiting a new country can come in handy.

Burping out loud after a meal doesn’t always need to be done discretely, while eating with your right hand and keeping your left behind your back can be a major sign of respect.

1. Respect yourself!

Source: WikiMedia
Source: WikiMedia

In Jordan, when eating Mansaf, you use your right hand to mark your territory and indulge, while keeping your left hand behind your back is a sign of respect.

2. No you did NOT!


In Egypt, avoid asking for the saltshaker after your first bite into the meal. It is insulting and could be understood as you finding the meal rather bland.

3. Use those hands

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

In Britain, you simply DO NOT just eat asparagus with a fork. You have hands for a good reason!

4. Oh hell NO!

Source: WikiMedia
Source: WikiMedia

In Korea, never EVER accept a served dish in one hand. Use both hands and don’t you dare start your meal before the eldest person at the table has taken the first bite.

5. You tourist you!


In Italy, if you order a cappuccino after accepted breakfast hours you are clearly a tourist. Straight coffee is consumed after lunch and dinner because that is simply why Italians do it best!

6. Yum…


Burping in China after a meal is actually a sign of appreciation for the food. Learn to accept it.

7. Nope… you’re doing it all wrong

Source: WikiMedia
Source: WikiMedia

Forks in Thailand are there to assist you in scooping food into your spoon. Forks are not meant to enter your mouth.

8. Bad omens… bad omens everywhere!

no sticks in rice-744770

In Japan, sticking your chopsticks into a bowl of rice is a big NO NO! Standing chopsticks are served only to the spirit of a dead person.

9. You can do it!


In Russia, adding ice or a mixer to your Vodka is insulting to the purity of the alcohol. Suck it up and drink it neat!