Social media brings people together, offering an open platform to share thoughts and ideas with whoever is interested - or most probably obliged - to read them.

Egyptian social media is no exception. 

Here are a few types of friends you probably have on Facebook: 

1. The one who unfriends all of her male friends once she gets engaged

2. Uncles and aunties looking for suitors for their children in your friends' list

Good luck trying to convince your cousin you had absolutely nothing to do with this. 

3. The friend who constantly makes you feel guilty for going out without inviting them

Expect to have many negative comments when sharing any photos of picnics or food you dared enjoy alone.

4. Next thing you know, they're trying to ruin any future plans

5. That female friend who changes her name after marriage

You have an interesting list of Ahmed's wife, Omar's beloved, and Sameh's soul.

6. And a few months later, she starts using her husband's photos for profile pictures

7. The bundle of joy

This blessing is always there for every happy occasion. 

She tags all of her friends in Eid greetings. Her timeline is all about teddy bears, hearts, yoga, flowers, and lots and lots of smiles. 

Thanks to this friend, we cope with the other types. 

8. The foodie is a double-edged sword

This one is always there to help as their timeline is full of 10-minute video recipes. 

But it's advisable to stay away from their timeline when you are dieting as it will be pure torture and agony.

9. That friend who is all about reading horoscopes

This type really believes in Zodiac signs and loves educating their friends about them. 

And don't you dare tell'em off, or else it'll be bad luck for years!