If you are a Dubai resident then you know too well that heading towards Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR is a complicated task that requires a lot of planning and an abundance of patience! 

JBR is a unique area in Dubai in the sense that it started as a quite beach with only two hotels on it (Hilton and Sheraton) and then transformed into a buzzing neighborhood that hosts everything from residences, hotels and restaurants to food trucks and fairgrounds. 

There is even a mosque and a truck that sells flowers that live forever! 

All of this is cramped along a 1.7 km narrow one way road that can barely fit 2 cars… talk about genius urban planning! So if you ever decide to enter the bustling realms of JBR, you need to be prepared for these things:

1. Searching for a parking spot could leave you with a few grey hairs

You are better off leaving your car at nearby Marina and walking to JBR, unless you are willing to pay 10 dirhams per hour for a spot in the underground parking.

2. Force-feeding yourself even when you are not hungry

In order to get the parking token validated by a restaurant, you may end up spending more on food than on the parking!

3 Going through three episodes of Game of Thrones while being stuck in traffic

Especially on weekends...and on public holidays...or if you're there after 6 pm...or when KSA school break is out...or if there are people crossing the road … well, you get the drill, right?

4. Trying to answer this question: WHY DID THEY MAKE IT A ONE WAY ROAD?

I mean who was the genius who decided that one lane is more than enough to accommodate all these cars, people and places? And who are the brainiacs who told him or her: “brilliant idea! Let’s do it!”

5. Being prepared to wobble, vibrate and shake while walking (if you are a lady)

Because if you don’t lose your balance while walking in heels on JBR’s cobbled pavement, then be ready to have those heels sink in the running track's rubbery ground!

6. Paying 5 dirhams for a minute and a half of shower water

Gone are the days of long free showers after a day at the beach… Now you have to pay to shower, or risk having the water cut midway through your bath! P.S: they never give you a minute and a half! You’ll be lucky to get 60 seconds… so wrap it up quickly!

7. Ending up at Shake Shack every single time

Because you become overwhelmed by all the food choices so you decide the best option is a quick and greasy burger… and maybe you’ll bump into Sheikh Mohammed and his cute little son there!

8. Getting confused about the exact spot where walking in your swimsuit becomes unacceptable

“I’m past the sand area and I have one foot on the cement, should I get dressed now?”

9. Swearing you’ll never set foot in JBR again

Until the weekend comes and you receive this text from your friends: “movie in JBR and French toast from Laduree?”