Salt Bae, the man, the meme, the legend. He has sprinkled his way into our lives and our hearts, and we can't ever get enough of him.

These days he's off seasoning steak for kings and celebrities, but before we can let go, let's take a look at some of the best #SaltBae memes. 

1. The best way to end an argument

2. Obligatory Trump post

3. Garnishing your lies

4. How you get back at your siblings

Sorry, isn't this such an #ArabSiblings thing to do? 

5. Start at a young age

6. It's the new goal-dance!

7. You gotta sprinkle that safety net

8. Be courageous, like SaltBae

9. It's all about the bedroom eyes

10. Art imitating Life, or the other way around?

11. Flick negativity out of your life

12. SaltBae Drive-thru customization

13. "Don't be so salty"

14. Steaks Vs. Essays

15. Jay-Z knew what he was doin'

16. And, finally, you gotta be SaltBae to know SaltBae

Long, live SaltBae