Muslims are no strangers to struggles ... from encountering questions like "do you speak Muslim?" to investing time in reading ingredient labels to make sure it's halal.

A number of the struggles we face come from within - an outcome of  practicing the religion - which is probably why the question "How Muslim are you?" has been making the rounds online.

It all started when Twitter user @AL1_313 asked the question:

This came in response to a Twitter trend, which saw people from around the world answer questions directed at their own culture including "How Arab Are You?" to "How Pakistani Are You?"

Of course, Muslims jumped on the bandwagon... and the responses will most definitely make you LOL.

1. An English/Arabic hybrid happens more often than you think

2. The halal vs haram debacle

3. You don't watch movies the same way other people do

4. It starts with "Assalamualaikum" and ends with "Astaghfirullah"

5. The "evil eye" has changed the way your mind works

6. "I wear tasbeeh for necklace"

7. Explaining the existence of "bree2" in the bathroom to your friends is a struggle

8. Loud sneezes aren't enough noise, so you always complement it with:

9. "Start my notes with basmalah and end it with hamdalah"

10. Sneezing in the toilet requires conscious decisions

11. Inshallah = NO

12. Uttering "say wallah" to non-Muslim friends happens so often

13. When "Hamidullah" is your name...

14. Water bottles save the day, always

15. "I started an email with 'Salam professor' the other day"

16. "Unintentionally said alhamdulillah to my neighbor who sneezed outside. I was watching TV. Inside my house"

17. "Wudhu" has made way for some seriously awkward conversations

18. Superstitions be like

19. When praying is a priority, you do what you gotta do

20. You don't even try to filter out phrases in front of non-Muslim people

21. Ramadan season 101

22. You know you're Muslim when your last name is ISLAM