Arabs and cleanliness have a strong relationship that many could only dream of. To be an Arab, one must be squeaky clean in all aspects.

The cleaning standards present at an Arab home are just not found anywhere else. We're quite passionate when it comes to cleaning; there are a number of items we clean that no one else in the world would think of.

From the mobkhar to the shatafa, here are a few of them: 

1. Mobkhar

Yes, this traditional incense dispenser is one of the things we scrub. 

2. Seb7a

It's in our hands all the time, so it better be dirt-free. 

3. Rakwa (coffee pot)

Other than the usual dish washing, we deep-clean our coffee pots every now and then.


4. Woven tabletops

Yep, the handmade fabrics are washed, too. 

5. Cookie tin cans

Arab moms literally clean everything in the house, so why skip this? 

6. The shatafa

Source: DH Gate

A little JIF cream and this bathroom essential will sparkle.

7. Shisha

Source: Wikipedia

How could we skip this one? It always needs a tough cleaning spray

8. Old chandeliers

In an Arab household, even old chandeliers are on the cleaning list. 

9. We even clean "cleaning products"

Yes, Arabs go as far as wiping down cleaning products ... with the actual cleaning product. In other words, the JIF spray bottle cleans itself. Sounds magical, doesn't it?