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Sadly, in countries around the world, including Arab states, racism is alive and well. Even though speaking up about the issue continues to be taboo in the region, in recent years, people have been breaking their silence on it via social media.

Last week, a meme posted by Sudanese tweep @Rahmaaaya highlighted the racism people of color often face, specifically in Saudi Arabia. Her tweet then led to hundreds sharing their own experiences with racism in the kingdom. 

The result? Eye-opening testimonies that reveal a devastating rhetoric still widespread, not only in Saudi Arabia but in most Arab countries.

"You can't play with us because you're Sudanese"

Rahmaaaya created the meme using a viral photo of American rapper Cardi B, writing a one-sentence caption telling her story.

It has since resonated with hundreds who could relate

And led others to open up about their own heartbreaking experiences

"Maybe it's your father?"

"My teacher in 8th grade straight up said 'you're a black slave' in front of my classmates"

The shocking stories kept coming in

"Those who need black ink can get it from Mahjoub."

How could this be acceptable?

"Slave, black, chocolate. I would worry during Ramadan because of 'fatina' in Tash ma Tash, I'd skip school for a week so that they'd forget about me." 

In their responses, tweeps also shed light on racism across the Arab world

"In UAE"

Many Saudis sent out messages in support of the tweep

"We're so sorry this happened to you and believe me, it doesn't reflect our morals in Saudi"

"Unfortunately, Racism is prevalent in all societies."