Making it past the entrance exams is already hard enough for Lebanese University students, but that's only the start of some serious challenges. 

Apart from endless nights of studying, LU students face a bouquet of problems, which are not necessarily found at other universities.

Here are just 9 of them:

1. It's always too crowded in class

When it's time for class, students rush to get a seat. 

The unlucky ones - those who are usually just about 10 minutes late - have to either sit on a desk or on the floor.

2. Your campus is hours away from home

The worst part about being an LU student is the commute, especially if for example, you live in Jbeil and your courses are all the way in the Fanar campus. 

That's roughly a 40 km drive or a 3-hour- plus ride if you're taking public transportation.

3. Suddenly "no classes today"

Imagine making it to class after that nerve-wracking drive only to find that your instructor hasn't. That's the stuff of absolute nightmares. 

4. The toilets are rarely clean

If you've ever walked into an LU toilet, you most probably walked out. 

5. Loads and loads and loads of work

With the beginning of each semester, students are given tons of assignments. 

Forget about your social life, especially when exam season begins. 

6. The "cafeteria fog"

If you're a non-smoker, you're strongly advised to stay away from the cafeterias of any given LU campus. 

If you decide to go in any way brace yourself, all that smoke will leave your eyes watery and nostrils numb for days. 

7. That condescending look

LU students often get that look when asked what university they're attending. 

Which basically means: "Oh, poor you."

8. Politics and religion

Politics, religion and university life go hand in hand, and this is especially the case at the Lebanese University. 

Sadly, many confrontations between students have arisen on the backdrop of such differences. 

9. Forgetting your notes

If you ever forget your notes or your books on campus, your chances of finding them again are near zero.