Ahhh, it’s Champions League season again, football’s most anticipated premiere club competition. 

Every football fan eagerly awaits to watch the games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As Arabs are rarely an exception, they joined the world of fans in losing their temper over the results. 

Here are their reactions for this week’s results:  

1. Roma 3 - 0 Chelsea

"If I played against my little brothers."

"Summary of what Roma did to Chelsea." 

"Conte, why did you let Fabregas play central midfield?


2. Olympiacos 0 - 0 Barcelona

"The Spanish referee was absent, which means Jahesh-alona (Donkey-alona) suffered."

3. Manchester United 2 - 0 Benifica

“Whoever shoots at Dea Gea from afar should undergo a blood test after the game. He might have been drunk.”

“Mourhino before the game against Benifica: 'No one cares about Chelsea’s game.'

He knew the scenario from the start.”

4. Tottenham 3 - 0 Real Madrid

“*Jose Mourhino’s voice* 

You see that team over there. I just won against them.”

"Tottenham did wonders yesterday."

That's one long face... 

“Searching for the best player in the world be like...”

5. Liverpool 3 - 0 Maribor

“We will not rest until voting is canceled here.” 

6. And then there’s Arsenal

“Who are you playing against tonight?”