Middle Eastern food: it's delicious, versatile and extremely satisfying. But maybe not all the time:

The enemies of your teeth:

1. Zaatar manoushe

2. Tabbouleh

Maybe choose fattoush? Not that the sumac is much better.

3. Hindbeh

The energy drainers:

These carb-packed foods will have you yawning all night. Avoid them at all costs.

4. A nap is what you'll want after mansaf

5. Koshari too

A gassy catastrophe:

No need for an explanation.

6. Falafel


7. Burghul in kibbeh ...

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The deadly toum breath:

Unless you've got a weird fetish for garlic breath.

8. Shish tawouk burps

9. Shawarma