It's finally Mother's Day, the day we all celebrate motherhood and all that it stands for.

While we all celebrate with love and gratitude, a few add a touch of humor to the day on social media with posts that pay tribute to the uniqueness of Arab mothers.

Here are a few of the funniest Mother's Day posts.

1. Some expressed gratitude

"My mother woke me up in the morning thanking me for her mother's day gift. I thought my brother had remembered to buy her one, but it turns out  she bought her gift and we're paying for it. Thank you mama."

2. Others warned us all

"There is no one as compassionate as a mother, try setting a foot on wet tiles before they dry and see... Happy Mother's Day... Taken from my cousin."

3. Some were in denial

"Mother's Day? Gift? You've got the wrong number Imad."

4. While fathers were just a bit jealous

"Fine, it's Mother's Day and the kids get are getting gifts for their mothers, but as a father why am I paying for those gifts? Why?"

5. Many shared gift ideas

6. A few shared memories...

7. A lot of memories

"May all your days be celebrated, mama."

8. Some made creative changes to the day's name

"Happy what time are you getting home day!"

9. And others did away with humor... and said it all