Queen Rania of Jordan has been a powerful voice and an outstanding ambassador for Arab women in particular. 

Not only is she the definition of an outstanding ambassador for women, she is an idol for mothers, fathers, sons and daughters everywhere.

She is #MotherGoals in its truest form. 

In honor of Mother's Day, here's to all the Queen Ranias out there!

Family time is "fun time" when she's around

She finds joy in helping other mothers find career opportunities

She's your go-to when it comes to relationship advice

She's all ears when you start talking

And all talk when you need words of wisdom

Her smile can light up the darkest room

She's the only backbone you really need

She offers support wholeheartedly to anyone who crosses her path

She actually knows how to TAKE a clear selfie

And loves taking family selfies too

She's your partner-in-crime ... when hiking

When working a sweat ...

She'll even sit through TV football games with you ... happily

And she'll watch movies no one else will watch with you

When it comes to food, bigger is always better and you love her for it!