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Perla Helou beat out 14 other contestants on Sept. 24 when she was crowned Miss Lebanon 2017. 

As is the case every year, Lebanese Twitter exploded with a deluge of jokes.

For those who missed the live airing of the competition, these hilarious tweets pretty much sum it up. 

1. First things first: Let's talk fashion!

2. "Ka2ano el fasateen besh3een too much shway"

3. Why you no speak Arabic?

4. On mathematical skills being put to the test

5. *How much do you weigh?* ME:

6. The social media question of the night, indeed

7. On preaching math lessons: "Rahit wa7de ba3ed fe 8 li2ano keno 9"

8. Some resorted to self-mockery to make a point

9. On questions judges ask during the beauty pageant

10. And on answers given ... #Tol3etRehetna

11. Speaking of 'tol3et rehetna' ... welcome to the show "The Foss"

12. Some advised Lebanese activist group "Tol3et Rehetkom" to change its name

13. On misjudgement

14. On Carole Samaha's playback skills

15. Awal chi ...

16. Make sure to start your sentences with "awal chi"

17. Be careful not to go over the "awal shi" limit

18. But, do pass an "awal shi" every once in a while

19. 3ashen awal shi ... it's a good technique for stalling

20. On the butterfly dance

21. On Lebanese Twitter during the airing

22. Miss Lebanon in a nutshell: "One of the best comedy shows in history"