Despite the long list of perks of living in Dubai, there's no denying that the fabulous lifestyle comes with a rather hefty price tag.

The result? You find yourself counting down the days until your next paycheck ... because you were not so careful with your financial decisions.

But, fear not! There are certain survival techniques that'll help you battle through the struggle when you find yourself in such a situation. Here are 8:

1. Binge-watch your favorite series

You disconnect from the real world and get sucked into your favorite movies and television series. But it goes without saying that you need the ideal internet bundle to enjoy binge-watching sessions without any technical interruptions.

2. Embrace your inner sports fanatic

You get your adrenaline pumping by streaming the games of your favorite teams on end, especially if you have a beIN subscription. 

To shake things up, you sometimes invite your friends over for a gathering that will probably leave your neighbors complaining about the noise. 

3. Scout the internet for free or cheap activities

Nothing will tempt you to leave the house like coming across fun activities and events that are very cheap or - even better - free of charge.

From playing board games at Back to Games and wandering through the Dubai Miracle Garden or Al Qudra desert, to watching a movie outdoors at Wafi Mall, you regularly keep an eye out for activities that won't leave you feeling guilty for overspending.

4. Dodge your adult responsibilities with video games

You forget all about your adult responsibilities while playing video games like Fortnite and PUBG, which almost become the only means through which you communicate with other humans.

5. House gatherings FTW

Since you and your friends are probably all on the same (broke) boat, you start opting for gatherings at home rather than going out.

Smoking shisha, playing cards, jamming some tacky - yet weirdly enjoyable - Arabic songs, and unleashing your craziness... Yup, bank-breaking outings have got nothing on house gatherings.

6. Eat out less, work out more

You try to kill time by getting active in public spaces - and what better way to do that than by cycling or jogging along the Dubai Water Canal, the 3.2-kilometer long waterway that offers beautiful scenery?

7. Mama comes to the rescue with her impeccable cooking skills

If you're lucky enough to be living near your parents, you start "missing" them more often towards the end of the month and paying them more visits... because free food!

8. Otherwise, it's noodles, noodles... and more noodles

The expat life is all fun and games until you're too broke to eat out, and you find yourself having instant noodles day in, day out.

Pro tip: There are many easy ways to upgrade your instant noodles game, and subsequently feel less sorry for yourself, such as adding chicken and vegetables. 

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