Growing up in an Arab household means being introduced to the cleaning etiquette 101 before you even learn how to speak. But, that doesn't mean kids are flawless when helping out their parents.

Let's face it, the hygienic standards are pretty high in an Arab home, so things panning out according to plan is quite impossible. 

Here are a few chores Arab kids always mess up: 

Mess #1: When they attempt to make coffee but end up dirtying the stove

Because Arabic coffee requires attention to detail, so can we really blame the kids for messing it up?

Mess #2: When they tend to integrate the glass door in their games

Glass surfaces and kids don't mix, but with JIF spray, you need not worry!

Mess #3: When they pass over the remote ... with their greasy hands

Mess #4: When they help out in the kitchen. Period.

Disaster alert!

Mess #5: When they are asked to "taste" food but end up splashing it everywhere

Because every family has its messy eater. 

Mess #6: When it's their turn to wash the dishes

But end up with a dirty, flooded sink. 

Mess #7: When they're asked to tidy up their room but dirty it up instead

Are you even an Arab kid if you weren't told off for all this mess? But with JIF cream, the mess is always the least of your concerns. 

Mess #8: When they try to put something back in the fridge, but spill it

Kids will always be kids.