When it comes to the Palestinian cause, people have been fighting passionately and the struggle is ongoing on different fronts, including social media.

Apart from online activism, many have been using humor to take aim at Israel and shed light on the Palestinian plight.

Here are 8 times people hilariously reminded Israelis of the atrocities their so-called state has been committing:

1. When Arabs came at Gal Gadot in full force

When Israeli actress and former Israeli army soldier Gal Gadot stirred controversy over her role in the movie Wonder Woman earlier this year, Arabs mercilessly roasted her on social media with tweets and memes that were nothing short of savage.

2. When this badass student wore a keffiyeh to an Israeli professor's class

Yes, we are all eager to know how the presentation went, so StepFeed has reached out to Hawaa for details...

3. When this Israeli officer got a taste of Arabs' ruthless trolling skills

Back in September, Arabic media spokesperson of the Israel army, Avichay Adraee, took to Twitter to threaten the Lebanese group Hezbollah with a photo of him holding a cardboard that reads, "If you dare, we will surprise you", in Arabic.

In response, Arabs took the opportunity to troll Adraee by editing the text on the cardboard and replacing it with different statements.

The results were hilarious, to say the least...

4. When this guy won the internet with this #burn

Ba Dum Tss!

5. When this guy put the dog filter to good use

One funny Facebook user asked, "Why [are you] insulting the dog?!" 

6. When Arabs responded to this pathetic attempt at stealing Palestinian culture

Last month, the official Twitter account of Tel Aviv-Yafo's Mayor's Office made a huge mistake in a tweet about the mouthwatering Palestinian dessert baklava.

"This is Baklava. It is basically everything you need to know," the office wrote in a tweet, along with a picture of ... wait for it ... kunafa! 

Arabs responded to the account's failed attempt at appropriating Palestinian culture with pure savagery, replying to the tweet with sarcastic and witty comments.

7. When this Tinder user got a free history lesson...

This was part of the online experiment PalesTinder, in which a group of Americans in the West Bank - some with dual Palestinian nationality - messaged Israelis and said they were from Ramallah. 

8. While this one got a well-deserved insult

Palestinian humor FTW!