Lebanon ... the land of endless disappointments. 

If it's not the traffic, it's the wade3. If it's not the wade3, it's the traffic. 

These two things are at the heart of the struggle for every single person living in Lebanon. And since we've collectively spent centuries in traffic, we've had a lot of time to think about solutions. 

These solutions have helped us cope, but unfortunately the nightmare that is daily traffic has yet to disappear. 

But ... here's to creativity!

1. Whenever there is a problem ... there is #JohnnieWalker

In 2011, renowned Lebanese director Nadine Labaki made an appearance in Johnnie Walker's campaign ... and it kind of took off. 

The main aim? 

"In a country where the Lebanese youth continues to emigrate looking for bigger opportunities, we launched a National Cause, 'Keep Walking Lebanon,' that would be represented by key Lebanese talent with an inspiring story of overcoming the odds and achieving profound success," the campaign said at the time.

And that message has been at the heart of their Lebanon promotions since. 

In 2014, the award-winning Johnnie Walker campaign titled 'Keep Walking Lebanon: Keep the Flame Alive' took the spotlight. 

Another campaign was also launched in 2017 titled, 'Keep Walking Lebanon, The Resourceful Don't Wait' ... and it just proves that whenever there is a problem, Johnnie Walker will save you.

Just whatever you do, don't drink and drive. 

2. The art of blocking roads and burning tires

Whenever there is a problem, the entire country gets ready to revolt. And no ... it's not done the traditional way. 

We block roads and burn tires ... because what better way to solve problems than by creating new ones?  

Points for creativity, that's for sure.  

3. Just keep calm and say "7ayalla"

It makes problems instantaneously disappear, but is the cause of countless others as well. It's a double-edged sword, so use it wisely. 

4. Calling up that "certain someone"

 That person is usually the "temporary solution" but the start of a "new problem" as well. Mashkalji ... they call him. 

5. Yelling because the louder, the stronger? #Logic

This comes with a lot of "cuss words" too ... because ne7na aweya

6. WASTA. Need I say more?

3anjad, there is not a problem wasta doesn't solve, unfortunately. 

7. And of course food ... the solution to the hardest struggles

8. Finally ... the pill we all really need

Whenever there is a problem just say "la tizi" w emshi!