1. Zaatar

Mix made from wild thyme, sumac and sesame seeds

Most commonly eaten as a paste with olive oil & flatbread

In a man2oushe

Sprinkled on salads

Or as a seasoning for chicken

2. Sumac

Sumac flowers are picked out and the drupes are ground into a reddish-purple powder

Added to fattoush , giving it a lemony taste

Used as a garnish on hummus

3. Cumin

A favorite in the Middle East. Oftentimes it is added to:


Ful Medames

Lentil soup

Fava beans


4. Cardamom

This is what it looks like

Used in chicken mandy in Saudi Arabia

Blended with Arabic coffee

In the UAE and Qatar, used to make Chai Karak

Used to make desserts such as muhalabiyah

5. Nutmeg

Has a warm, spicy aroma and flavor used in both sweet and savory cooking

Maamool is the top of the list

Be careful though, if taken in high doses it can act as a narcotic and be quite intoxicating.


6. Turmeric

Commonly added to rice dishes for both its yellow color and for its taste.

Seen in dishes like rice and fish

Or desserts like sfouf

7. Caraway

You've no doubt seen these lying in the kitchen

Or hidden in desserts like meghli

Last but not least...

8. Cinnamon ... to season chicken

To make moghrabiya

To add some flavor to your salep drink

Fun fact: