Lebanon's Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, made it out to the United States - in an official visit - to meet with the country's President, Donald Trump. 

The news soon began making the rounds online, ultimately breaking the internet. 

It all started when Trump revealed his lack of knowledge when he so confidently claimed that Lebanon is fighting Hezbollah... when actually it's part of its government. 

The news sent people on social media into a total meltdown, but the commentary didn't stop there. 

People had a lot of comments, jokes, and sarcastic notes to leave behind.

1. Some imagined a Trump-Hariri conversation ... quite creatively

2. Others mocked photos taken during the entire visit

3. Relating them to 'real life situations'

4. "Trump looks like a wax statue and Hariri looks miserable"

5. Others saw something completely different

6. Hariri thought-bubbles began circulating

7. "Next, he'll be singing 'teslam ya 3askar Lebnan'"

8. The visit in a jiffy: