The Murex D'or, an annual Lebanese award ceremony that recognizes achievements in the fields of acting, singing, and entertainment in Lebanon and the Arab world, came back in full force on Thursday for its 18th edition.

The lengthy award show left behind some notable memories. 

The annual ceremony, which took place at the Casino Du Liban, saw a number of Middle Eastern celebrities come together. Some won awards, others stole the spotlight for completely different reasons.

Here are some of the funniest reactions:

1. First ... let's pronounce the award show correctly

2. On mistakes made

"One of the advantages about global media outlets is that such errors don't happen. I imagined the person replaying the award show on MTV would be using a Mac not Windows."

3. On Nancy Ajram stealing the spotlight

4. On changing the award's name ... to reference the show "Al Haybeh"

"They should name the show Al Haybeh D'or."

5. "How do the artists have the energy to lip sync?"

6. "We found Cinderella's step mom"

7. Commentary on beauty happened in a different way

8. Is Lady Madonna Johnny Depp's long-lost mother?