Arab weddings are really in a league of their own when it comes to the list of dos and don'ts.

It's never really possible to please everyone, we all know that. But, there are certain 'sins' that would land you on the 'Arab wedding gossip list of the year' if you commit them. 

Here's a basic guide: 

1. Wearing a white dress to the wedding if you're not the bride

Arabs ... we just cannot live our lives without a bit of superstition, and weddings certainly have a share of those. 

Wearing a white dress to someone else's wedding is a big NO-NO. 

People tend to think you are 'wishing evil' for the couple just because you chose to wear white. 

2. Not telling someone who is single '3a2belik' during the ceremony

Don't you dare miss out on saying this phrase (better 1 million times over 0) to every single woman/man you see during the festivities. 

What will happen if you don't? People will automatically assume you don't want that person to find love ... so they'll wish the same on you, and with all that superstition in the air, it'll probably happen! 

It's like a chain email. 

Better safe than sorry! 

3. Not taking part in the 'catch the bouquet to get married next' challenge

AKA the 'let's see who will handle my bouquet tease the longest' challenge. 

Choosing not to take part in this activity will only make people believe that you favor being single. What if you do? What's it to them? 

4. Seating someone who is 20-years-old closer to the dance-floor than a 60-year-old

And no, it's not because the 60-year-old genuinely wants to see every romantic and intimate moment between the lovebirds.

It's because if you don't seat them in the front row, their ego will be bruised ... because how did the bride's 20-year-old nephew get seated closer to the dance floor? 

How dare they not think of seating the long lost 60-year-old person - who was invited out of obligation - closer to the bride and groom whom they have probably only seen twice in their entire lives? Huh? 

5. Not knowing how to dabke or dance to Arabic music in general

Be prepared before entering the ballroom because even if you don't WANT to dance, YOU. WILL. DANCE. 

6. Not playing Hussein Al Jasmi's 'Boshret Kheir'

This song is a must play at every Arab wedding. You just have to play it if you want to see a "boshret kheir" aka "good fortune." 

7. Not playing the music loud enough that the public's eardrums slowly deteriorate

It's like the bride and groom intentionally want all their invitees to go home with swollen eardrums...

Come on guys, have mercy on our ears!  

8. Posting every second of the whole thing on Snapchat so that all your friends feel like they took part

Warning: AVOID COMMITTING THIS SIN AT ALL COSTS. You will be hated by everyone. EVERYONE!