Going to college is an opportunity to learn and grow in a tremendous way. It is a glimpse of what is to come and the people you will meet later on in life.  

Mr. Bean summarizes human nature in a witty way, just like college does. 

Here are a few samples of the types of people you will come across during your college years, inspired by the hilarity and accuracy of Rowan Atkinson's humurous character. 

1. The front-row obsessed

They make sure they are always seated in the middle of the front row to have the best view. 

They are also the first to stand up as soon as class is dismissed, waiting for the professor with a list of questions and notes. 

They tend to be the professor's favorite, after Abu Wasta (master of connections) of course. 

2. The duke of hazards

They will step on your foot and bump into your shoulder without bothering to apologize. Standing in queues or waiting for their turn is simply not their thing. 

You better avoid them before you break a bone, you have a test tomorrow.

3. The Niswanji

This pervert-in-the-making keeps staring at most girls in class. 

He's a niswanji (womanizer) sparing no-one, not even his instructors. 

4. The forever bored

This one can't sit still during long lectures, going mainly to college to socialize. 

You'll find them seated in the back chit chatting and texting freely away from the lecturer's eyes. 

Most of the time they get in trouble for poking fun at professors and imitating them.

5. The sleepyhead

It only takes them 15 minutes of full concentration before collapsing on the desk or a fluffier surface, like your shoulder. 

Don't judge them, maybe they are just tired and need more sleep, just make sure they don't snore.

6. The forever-late one

Surprisingly, this type tends to live just across the street from college. 

They endure so much scolding from professors and some dirty looks from people who live far away. 

8 AM classes are their worst nightmare; they either miss them or catch up on sleep in the dark lecture hall. 

7. The walking ma2lama

They don't carry any ordinary ma2lama (pen case). They've got everything ready; rulers, sticky notes, highlighter pens etc.. 

This sophisticated type is beyond awesome. They are always there for you when you forget your pen, which happens a lot in college.

8. The professional cheater

You will get to meet this type during quizzes, be it brief or long, midterm or finals. 

They are always there with their bersham (cheat sheets) ready. 

Although they know very well that cheating is never a good idea, they've become super professional at it, devising ways that will blow your mind. 

9. Abu Wasta

This type makes their way through college by using the influence of relatives or acquaintances, which unsurprisingly makes them the least popular among their classmates.

Connections, connections everywhere.

10. Al Akkeel

This person is the reason why the staff of the university's cafeteria are making a living. 

You better stick to the foodies if you're new in town. They will take you to the best kebda (stir-fry liver) and koshari  joints once classes are dismissed.