Owning a convertible has its perks no matter where you live, but it's even more amazing if you're based in the GCC. 

Because what's better than perfecting a tan while driving or going on a car ride when the weather's good and breezy? Nothing. 

Here are a few perks that'll make you want to drive a convertible in the Gulf: 

1. When the weather is perfect for a car ride like no other

For those breezy, sunny days. 

2. When it’s the perfect time of the year to star gaze

All you've got to do is open that roof and gaze. 

3. When you want to catch a film in a drive-in cinema

What's better than that? 

4. When you love a good tan but hate tanning salons

Drive and tan ... multitasking at its finest. 

5. When you don't want to have the AC on

To save up on loads of gas, of course. 

6. When you want to uniquely experience your city

There's nothing like an open air drive through it. 

7. When you’re just tired of locking yourself out of your car

Yep, that's hard to happen with this MINI Cooper convertible.