In its essence, the holy month of Ramadan is all about physical and spiritual cleansing. It's the time to pause and evaluate all aspects of your life, in an attempt to become a better person and a more dedicated Muslim.

So, many of us consider the month a fresh start, starting it just like we do a new year: with resolutions ... Ramadan resolutions. 

And just as New Year's resolutions are often overly-ambitious and destined to fail, Ramadan resolutions prove unsuccessful every single time. 

Here are 7 resolutions you probably couldn't fulfill this Ramadan: 

1. You thought you could maintain a healthy diet, but ended up with a food coma every night

Expectation: You will eat light for iftar. You will avoid the oily appetizers and stick to soup, salad and some proteins. Then, you won't eat anything until suhoor.

Reality: Binge-eating until sunrise. 

2. You will hit the gym ... tomorrow ... inshallah

You vowed to exercise every day and might have even paid for a gym membership and went there the first couple of days. But then, the Ramadan sluggish mode inevitably kicked in, making you too tired to function before iftar and too full to move afterward.

3. "I can save money since I won't be spending much on food, right?" WRONG!

You had hoped to give your pathetic bank account a boost this month since you wouldn't be spending money on food during the day. But, you probably ended up doing the exact opposite.

From after-iftar dessert cravings to hosting and going out for iftar/suhoor, you probably spent more than you do when it's not Ramadan.

4. Keeping normal sleeping schedule proved impossible

You know all too well that a "healthy sleeping schedule" and "Ramadan" are mutually exclusive. Still, you started off the month hoping to make it through Ramadan without turning into a vampire. 

Unless you're an unfortunate student or employee, you probably spent the month staying up until sunrise and sleeping until the afternoon ... or until your mom busts in and lectures you on how there's no point in fasting if you're sleeping throughout the entire day. 

5. Your plans to be productive failed miserably

You had big plans for Ramadan, from reading a book to volunteering at an organization or searching for a job. Instead, you ended up either sleeping, watching series or browsing social media.

6. Help with iftar VS. Nap

You appreciate your parents' efforts in cooking the most delicious iftars and you planned on helping them out, and maybe even promised to cook and saved some online recipes ... but the pre-iftar nap was always too tempting.

7. Ramadan seemed like the perfect time to quit smoking

You thought that going hours without smoking could help you finally quit the habit. But, unfortunately, you couldn't help but have the cigarette you'd been craving all day right after breaking your fast.