You don't realize how challenging living in Lebanon is until someone comes from abroad and points it out. You see the fear of God run down their spine as they cross the highway with you, for example.

It takes certain skills--or superpowers, rather--to live in Lebanon. How else are you going to survive this violence and power outage ridden place where the law of the jungle subsumes the rule of law, day in and day out? Your instincts are animalistic, and you know it. You ought to be on National Geographic, or maybe X-men.

 1. You make it across a five-lane highway in one piece. You probably walked it.

lebanese super powers skills

2. You can tell fireworks and gunshots apart

Musicians' ears understand pitch, yours understand the difference between fireworks, artillery, gunshots and other incendiary material. How cool.

3. You create parking spots from thin air

No parking? No problem.

4. You do a 360 area scan before you cross a one-way street

Because the "'aks el ser" sign has as much influence as your grandmother telling you not to drink Pepsi.

5. You finance 24/7 fun with a <$1,000 salary

Source: Facebook/Cunxt Sat
Source: Facebook/Cunxt Sat

Lebanon is known for two things: financial mediocrity and bustling social lives. How the two co-exist is a wonder to many.

From crazy parties, to spontaneous road-trips, or a simple walk on the corniche, Lebanese people don't let a tight budget get in the way of fun.

6. How many kisses to go for when greeting someone is nothing short of prophecy

One? Two? Three?... Why is this woman going for a fourth?!

Despite living here for most of my life, I still struggle with this, but practice has definitely made me be better at split-second fortune telling.

7. You rise above it all with an impeccable sense of humor

One of many hilarious slogans at the 2015 trash protest. Source: Facebook/JeanPaulFares
One of many hilarious slogans at the 2015 trash protest. Source: Facebook/JeanPaulFares

There is no shortage of reasons to be cynical in Lebanon, but Lebanese people manage to keep their humor intact despite it all. You rise above it and it's like levitating.