Arab fans of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan broke the internet this past week after it was confirmed that the star will feature in an episode of the popular yet controversial prank show "Ramez Underground." 

The star appeared in the show's official promo, sending the internet into a meltdown. 

Hosted by TV personality Ramez Galal, the show airs on MBC during Ramadan. Featuring a different theme every season, it subjects celebrities to incredibly cruel pranks. 

This year, the show's guests are tricked into believing that they are part of a chat show hosted by Lebanese presenter Neshan Der Haroutiounian. 

They arrive for the interview in an Abu Dhabi desert area and on their way back, the car driving them quickly begins to sink into quicksand and things escalate from there. 

The show's pranks have been widely criticized over the past few years, but its episodes continue to dominate television ratings. 

As soon as news of SRK's upcoming episode began making the rounds online, the superstar's fans took to social media to express their thoughts.

A few people rubbed their eyes in disbelief

Some were obviously upset with Ramez for pranking their idol

A few even apologized to SRK

Most are now super excited to watch this episode

Excited is an understatement!

"The only reason I watch your show everyday, is because I am waiting for Shah Rukh's episode."