Unlike Jeddah, Ta'if is not known for its tourism attractions. The city of Ta'if, located within the surroundings of Mecca, sits on top of the 1,700 meters highAl Sarawat mountains. In other words, this is a picturesque place that simply doesn't get enough coverage.

Looking to road trip and discover the kingdom? Ta'if is a great place to start.

1. Al Hada Mountain


This kafkaesque mountain road connects Taif city with other cities in the West and North. It passes through gorgeous historic visits and the sights are breathtaking, if a little bit scary!

2. Mohsen Al Dajani Grand Tuwaiq


This is our very own Grand Canyon, and you probably have never even heard of it. On Instagram, the location is listed as "The Edge of the World."

3. Al Shafa Mountain


Enjoy a cool breeze and a view of one of the few green areas of the Arab World. This Al Shafa Mountains are totally worth the probably hours long trip you'll have to make to get here.

4. Road to Ta'if


Did anyone say roadtrip? The mere trip to Ta'if beats a trip overseas. Just make sure you have good playlist on your iPod!

5. Okaz Souk

animal preserve taif 140

This is considered to have been the largest souk of the peninsula in pre-Islamic times. More than just an open air market, it was where Arabs gathered to decide on tribal rules and settle disagreements. It's a real trip through history.

6. Al Rudaf Park


The crisp weather of the mountains means this is one of the best parks in the entire kingdom. Greens blend with blues of the fountain (it plays music) against the backdrop of hills. It's also well-maintained and the kids love it.

7. Shubra Palace Museum


Built in 1905 on orders of Sharif Pasha Ali, this palace is decked out with interior marbles and relics of the peninsula under the Ottomans.