Hollywood has long depicted Arabs in general, and Muslims in particular, in a stereotypcal fashion. 

From terrorists to illiterate desert dwellers, the media and film industry has, over the course of many years, reinforced such negative notions.

But as is the case with most misconceptions, the vast majority are simply not true.

Here are seven things most people get wrong about Arabs:

1. "Arabs ride camels"

This is a widely circulated stereotype despite the fact that many Arabs may not have even seen a camel in real life.

What used to be a convenient means of transportation - just like horses - has been substituted with SUVs or the average car. 

Camels are now more about heritage and races. 

2. "All Arabs live in the desert"

Arabs have been building houses and cities ever since Egyptians constructed pyramids.

Although some peoples, like Bedouins live in the desert, cities like Dubai, Doha, Cairo, and Beirut are renowned for their skyscrapers. 

3. "All Arabs are Muslim"

This is definitely a popular one. 

While Muslims do make up most of the Arab world, around 10 to 12 million individuals are Christian. A small population of Jews and Druze and other minorities also call the Middle East their home. 

4. "All Arabs are terrorists"

Here's an example of how western media portray Arabs: 

Earlier this week, "the worst mass slaughter in modern US history" occurred in Las Vegas. 

When the criminal turned out to be a white, American man named Stephen Paddock, news outlets restrained from using the word "terrorist" to describe him. Instead, they highlighted the fact that he was a "quiet, kind man." 

However, when the criminal is an Arab, the media don't think twice about using the same word profusely

5. "Being Arab means you belong to a race"

Nope, not really. In fact, Arabs are comprised of multiple ethnic groups. 

6. "Arabs are close-minded"

Close-mindedness is not exclusive to a region and its people. 

A huge percentage of Arabs are massive supporters of human rights. Many Arab authors have also persistently challenged taboos, supported freedom of speech, sexuality, and women's rights. 

7. "Arabs don't like to party"

Nightlife in the Arab world is alive and well. 

Two of the best examples would be Dubai and Lebanon, where parties and concerts increase by the year. 

With celebrities like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj partying in the region, it's safe to say boredom is out of the equation.