If you're a fan of arts and history, then museums are definitely on your to-see list. 

And, if you happen to be in Egypt, you're in luck. 

Here are seven museums you should definitely visit in Egypt.

1. The Royal Jewelry Museum

Located at the heart of Alexandria in Zizenia neighborhood, the Royal Jewelry Museum was formerly Princess Fatma Al-Zahraa Haider's Palace. 

It displays a wide variety of jewelry, statues, and paintings that once belonged to the 19th century Muhammad Ali Dynasty. 

2. The Gayer Anderson Museum

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Formerly the residence of British major Roger Gayer-Anderson Pasha - known to his friends as John - the art museum is located in Al-Sayeda Zainab, adjacent to Ahmed Ibn Tolon Mosque. 

It showcases the carpet and furniture collection of the late Pasha. It is also a perfectly intact architectural example of a 17th-century house that includes a haramlik, a khazna, a maq'ad among other rooms.   

3. Umm Kulthum Museum

This museum is a part of the famous Manasterly Palace in Al-Rawda district. 

It displays a valuable collection of the Star of the Orient's personal belongings, including clothes, handwritten poems, and letters.

4. The Museum of Islamic Ceramics

The Museum of Islamic Ceramics, Egypt, museum
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Alert: Ceramic heaven ahead. The museum exhibits a collection of Islamic-style ceramics obtained from various countries. 

A must-visit site for art lovers out there. The museum of Islamic Ceramics is located in Zamalek, Cairo. 

5. Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum

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The spacious museum, located in Giza, was dedicated to Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Pasha and his wife Emiline Lock. The museum possesses a priceless collection gathered by the aforementioned couple. It includes a valuable array of impressionist paintings collected before 1928.  

6. Adam Henein Sculpture Museum

A gift from one of the most prominent sculptors in the Arab world to his home country; the museum features Henein's largest collection of sculptures and paintings. Henein was renowned for his unique style and incorporating Pharaonic symbols. The exhibition was newly opened in Cairo's Al-Harraniyya district. 

7. Taha Hussein Museum

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Another spectacular historic museum that overlooks the Nile is the Taha Hussein Museum. Often described as a door into the life of the father of modern Arabic literature, the museum displays part of Dr. Hussein's 7,000 book library. According to Egyptians Museums, ''Hussein built the house so that he and his son could both have separate and private residences and entrances while remaining close.''