The "You vs The guy she tells you not to worry about" meme first surfaced on the internet about a year ago ... and it hasn't left our feeds since.

Of course, Arabs have weighed in on the humor with their own set of memes. Here are some of the funniest:

1. On proper-looking dates

2. On Egyptian icons

3. On Arab dishes

4. On orange-looking things

5. On tilted towers

In 2017, a 13-storey block of flats collapsed into an adjacent building in Alexandria's Azarita district. 

The incident made national headlines in Egypt, as hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes. 

Two weeks later, the tower somewhat became an attraction site, with tens of people gathering around its surrounding area every night to watch as it collapses. 

6. On toothbrushes

7. On items glued to the hand