There are way too many places to brunch in Amman and it's not always easy to pick a venue to try.

Do you want savory or sweet, saj or yogurt, or maybe want to combine all in one and that's why you're having labneh every single day for the past two years...

To help you make up your mind, check this list of seven spots for an amazing brunch in Amman:

1. Blue Fig

One of the best-known spots in Amman, Blue Fig offers its people way beyond good food.

Though its brunch menu holds a variety of dishes, from mana'ish and eggs to homemade jam and bread, this place is a popular coffee shop for culture lovers as well.

2. Shams El Balad

Located in the heart of Rainbow Street, Shams El Balad has an astounding view of all of Amman and an all-around cozy vibe. 

It offers a wide range of local food like salads, mana'ish, saj wraps, and omelets, with organic ingredients served in every bite.

3. Pepper and Pine

It's a restaurant that offers a salad bar, breakfast, and lunch... all in a bowl.

Whether you’re in the mood for the super-food Açaí, avocado toast, rice bowl, fruits and yogurt, or a healthy wrap, be sure to visit this place.

4. Abu Jbara

Abu Jbara is hidden, yet well-known in Amman, and rather famous for its traditional style of serving authentic Arabic food.

Many people hail this place for having the best hummus and falafel in town. Always remember to have a cup of tea with mint with your meal for better taste and digestion.

5. The Bake House

Located in the first and seventh circle, this spot won't disappoint if you're looking for a combination of savory and sweet.

Try their Supreme Combo - omelet, hash browns, and sausages - followed by American-style pancakes, waffles, and either scrambled eggs or omelets.

6. Ajeen Wraps

This Arabic-style breakfast/brunch place is new in town.

With so many options to choose from, they got you sorted for savory mana'ish, hot dishes like grilled halloumi, or your more typical hummus, falafel, or fatteh plates.

Something to try: the cheese with apricot jam mana'ish.

7. Debes and Tahini

Their menu includes a variety of traditional meals such as falafel, hummus, fateh, as well as eggs and labneh. 

Their debes and tahini (pomegranate molasses and sesame paste) dish is all you could ask for... after all, it is named after it.

It offers a few twists on some traditional meals, such as falafel stuffed with cheese along with roasted peppers.