When one thinks of Arabic music, rap is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, in reality, rap has become increasingly popular among young Arab artists.

Arabic rap is often rich in content, with rappers tackling pressing issues related to the region, such as oppressive leadership and social injustice. 

Care to add some Arabic rap to your playlist? Check out these seven songs:

1. "El-Nadaha" by El Joker

In the song, the Egyptian hip-hop and rap singer addresses life's difficulties, especially in light of financial problems.

However, he ends the track on a less sombre note, saying there is no need to obsess over these problems and promising that things will be alright.

2. "If I Could Go Back In Time" by DAM ft. Amal Murkus

The Palestinian hip-hop crew teamed up with Amal Murkus, a Palestinian singer, to release the song that highlights women's struggles with the patriarchy, which often rids women of their right to control their own lives.

3. "We Fed Up" by Abu Hajar of Mazajj Rap

Currently based in Germany, Syria's Abu Hajar, a self-proclaimed political activist, speaks on the behalf of the Syrian youth and conveys the harsh reality of his country.

4. "The Clinic" by Assasi ft. NuruleZ

In the track, which incorporates elements of Oriental music, the Syrian rappers tackle issues such as corruption and human rights violations.

5. "Kas Galeb" by The Synaptik

The Jordanian doctor and rapper's music videos stand out through their interesting graphics. 

In "Kas Galeb," The Synaptik addresses a woman who is clueless about his own misfortunes and dire circumstances, with a music video featuring footage from the American animated sitcom, The Simpsons.

6. "Kafer" by ShiBoBa ft. Daddy Kool

If you're a fan of diss tracks, then you should definitely check out the Saudi rapper's work, which has garnered millions of views on YouTube

However, ShiBoBa also touches on serious topics, with the powerful song "Kafer" (Infidel) addressing several problems plaguing the Saudi society and the Arab world in general, including hypocrisy, extremism, and corruption.

7. "Al-Keffiyeh 3arabeye" by Shadia Mansour ft. M1

Dubbed as the "First Lady of Arab Hip-Hop," the British-Palestinian artist raps about Arab and Palestinian pride, and highlights the region's rich heritage.

In the track, Mansour emphasizes that despite having lived in the West, she sticks to her roots and expresses pride in her culture.