Khara Orthodontics is not your typical oral health clinic ... mainly because its name simply does not pass with an Arab audience.

Located in North Carolina, United States, Khara Orthodontics puts "your smile" above all else. 

But, as an Arab, khara is an Arabic term that means "shit" ... so Dr. Khara simply translates to Dr. Shit ... which makes it incredibly hard to trust that special someone with your teeth.

Can you take "Dr. Khara" seriously?

The "experience at Khara Orthodontics" is self-explanatory

"We absolutely love the team at Khara"

"I have had a great time at Khara Orthodontics" ... because of the pleasant scents?

"I highly recommend Dr. Khara" sounds like a sarcastic statement

Khara Orthodontics is a "stomach friendly company" ... sounds a bit more fitting, no?

Dr. Khara worked hard on making sure I had a perfect ... "digestion"?

Too much "Khara" in one review?