1. The bones: Ya adame


This is especially used when someone is just under the weather with a flu of some kind. You would just trade your bones to relieve the other person from their aching bones!

2. The liver: Ya kebedti

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Your liver is just drunk on their love.

3. The eyes: Ya ayooni

When you can't even handle the very sight of the person in front of you because their beauty just burns your eyes. So, it's really as if you're saying "yaaa oyonnniiiiiiii" in a high pitched voice.

4. The heart: Ya abli

Photo source: quickmeme
Source: quickmeme

When the person you're talking to is really your heart. The world has their own "great minds think alike" ... for us it's more like great hearts think alike (le oloob end baa'da).

5. The soul: Ya rouhi


This person is your soulmate. Literally.

6. Our very existence: Ya 'omri


This person is your life, your age, your everything. Cheesy as cheesy gets.