Being short in the world means you have to try harder. It means you got the short end of the stick, and really you just have to live with it.

But being short in the Arab world comes with it's very own special packaging (ever heard the saying expensive things come in small packages?)

1. Arab pet names

If you're a short girl, and an Arab, you're bound to get a special nickname just for you. Everyone from the cab driver to your mom will either call you saghdoura, namle (ant), or fara (mouse). Own it. Like Z the worker ant in the image above.

2. Arab short person sayings


Arabs have a saying for everything, including height.

"Kolo kaserran fel 2arde fatten, w kolo taweelen la yakhlo min al habali" basically every short person has a hint of smartness, and every tall person has a hint of passive-aggresion. Not exactly a problem... I'm already feeling a bit smarter!

3. Making friends with your neighborhood khayat(a)


It's great that there's such a steady supply of khayateen (tailors) in the Arab. I think it's proof of the predominance of the vertically challenged in our region. Your local khayat(a) knows you like the back of her hand, and can probably hem your pants with her eyes closed.

4. Your car on the road looks like an unmanned vehicle


Your car looks like it's driving itself, which is great if you're living in 2030.

5. You're always overshadowed by your siblings. Literally.

Image source: Nour Sheety
Image source: Nour Sheety

In your family photos, you are literally in the shadows.

6. New 'mini' products that hit supermarket shelves remind people of you

Image Source: Nour Sheety
Image Source: Nour Sheety

Whenever your family, friends or someone you've made an acquaintance with comes across something small, or "fun size", they always send it to you. My mother bought that tiny tabasco bottle because it reminded her of me.

7. 'I swear I'm not 12'

You're always desperately trying to convince people that you're 18, or 22, or 27, and not 12. *shoves ID in peoples faces* I swear I'm not 12.

8. Mirrors

If my outfit seems weird and my make up is off, it's because when I look into a mirror, all I see is the top of my head. At least that's on point.

9. Going the extra mile (or foot) to get people's respect

Why do tall people hate us so much? What's with the "shorty" comments? What did we ever do to you? Not exist in your line of view? Give you a nice arm rest?

10. Your best friend is a step-stool

We take our friends up on their offer to "lean on them", and then take it to new "heights."