The world can't get enough of Sophia, the humanoid robot who was awarded the Saudi Arabian citizenship. 

And Twitter did not hold back, with users sharing thoughts and amusing jokes about their new favorite AI. 

These following tweets about Sophia will seriously make you LOL. 

1. Some are wondering how to communicate with Sophia

We're all hoping she has some Arabic in her dictionary. 

2. Taking notes from Nicki Minaj

If there's one human who gets to be Sophia's best friend, it's certainly Nicki. 

3. And working on their acting skills

Sorry can't talk, I'm working. 

4. Others included Siri in the conversation

It's about to go down.

5. Adding her to the list of unemployed workers

Sorry Siri.

6. Even Alexa got involved

That's one trio we can look forward to seeing. 

7. But most importantly, many women expressed their support

Where do I sign up? 

8. Backing her up...

True sisterhood.  

9. Standing up to her haters

You get what you pay for. 

10. And hyping her up

Rihanna + Sophia? A dream.  

11. She even got her very own drag queen makeover

We can all learn from Aquaria's blending skills tbh.  

12. Either way, I think we're all excited to see what she's up to next

Bring it.