Haven't we all been in this situation before? That moment when you're hit by the baffling realization of an empty bank account and a hungry stomach. 

Even though Lebanon and its tasteful cuisine are always there for help, not all places are compatible with how much money you have on. 

So when the moment of truth knocks your door, remember these budget-friendly snacks in the lively neighborhood of Mar Mikhael: 

1. Crew Hut

Located amid the pubs and bars of Mar Mikhael, Crew Hut is one of the most popular destinations for a quick mouthwatering cup of pasta or sandwich. Works if you're in Hamra or Badaro too...

For an average of 10,000 L.L., they will serve you food to comfort your hangover and hungry tummy. 

2. Leon

Located at the end of Armenia street, Leon is a compact snack that serves delicious fast food, ranging between 6,000 L.L  and 15,000 L.L.. 

You have a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and salads, all of which will leave you satisfied. 

3. Mac n' Cheese

Also located in Armenia street, Mac n' Cheese is a rather new gem and member to the affordable-yet-delicious family of restaurants in Mar Mikhael. 

The best part about this place is that you have two options: 

1. Get the classic Mac n' Cheese for 10,000 L.L.
2. Create your own Mac by choosing your favorite type of pasta, sauce, and toppings.  

4. Mashawish

Located in Alexander Fleming street, Mashawish combines oriental and western cuisine to deliver a flavorsome mixture of charcoal grilled meat; all in the range of 6,000 L.L per sandwich, to around 15,000 L.L per platter. 

They got you covered for a three course meal: the mezze, the salads, and the main grilled platter. 

5. Glace Bachir

Savory food has enough places dedicated to it, it's time for the sweet-toothed to enjoy cheap treats. 

Bouza Bachir is located at the end of Armenia street right, next to Mandaloun night club. It's an all-time favorite, affordable ice cream for all Lebanese, where you only need a 5,000 L.L. bill to refresh yourself.