Arabs have a legion of proverbs highlighting their rich histories and diverse cultures. 

These sayings settle in just a few words all the hospitality, healthy relationships, and good manners we were taught during our upbringing.

Here are five examples how these old expressions reflect on modern-day Arab customs and traditions.

1. On neighbors

As mentioned in several verses of the Quran, hadiths, and various anecdotes, it is essential to maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with one's neighbor.

This sacred relationship stems from Arabs' tribe-like origins and religious teachings.

2. On enemies

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Nothing works better than focusing on one's success and ignoring enemy's envy.

The soundest decision one could take is to steer clear of trouble as it will confuse your enemy the most. 

3. On retribution

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This saying is extremely common and popular among Arabs. 

Our resilience throughout history has strengthened our belief and hope system. 

We constantly assure one another that there's no use from crying over spilled milk.  

4. On patience

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Love is patient. (1 Corinthians 13:4–8a) 

Our rich religious backgrounds were the foundation of this folkloric Egyptian saying. Patience was the morale of numerous religious upheavals and ancient narratives. 

5. On hospitality

There are countless Arabic proverbs regarding hospitality and generosity.  

It shows how Arabs believe that greeting and smiling at your guest are far more essential and significant than offering them bread - or food in general.