It may be more than enough for Arabs to take a look at the region's news headlines, ranging from talk of a new Middle East, to foreign military invention, and watch videos of ISIS' murders of innocent people to get an overwhelming dosage of horror.

But, still, with the help of horror fiction and ancient tales, the region's filmmakers have managed to create movies centered around goblins, ghosts and devils' storming into average people's lives.

So, what are five of the best horror movies that the region's film makers have made over the years?

1. Safir Jahannam (1945)

سفير جهنم

Starring Youssef Wahbi, Fouad Shafiq and Ferdaws Mohammad, "Safir Jahannam" (Hell's Ambassador)  - produced 70 years ago - is about a married couple who give in to the devil's offer of eternal youth and infinite money.

However, now leading hedonistic lives, the couple ignore their two children and the family soon crumbles - their daughter marrying a rich man for his money, and their son committing a murder.

In the end, the devil is victorious and is happy to welcome "new residents" into hell.

2. Al-Ins Wal Jinn (1985)

الإنس والجن

Starring Adel Imam, Youssra and Ezzat Al-Alayli, "Al-Ins Wal Jin" (Human and Jinn) is about a jinn disguised as a human being, working as a tour guide, who forces a woman, just returning from the United States to work at a research center, into marriage with another jinn.

3. Al-Ta'awitha (1987)


Starring Mahmoud Yassine, Youssra, Taheya Carioka, Tarek Dsouki and Abla Kamel, "Al-Ta'witha" (Incantation) is about a family who finds out that their house is haunted after a series of spooky events.

After surviving a horror-inciting period, the family members are shocked to witness a strange body moving inside of the house, in an event that proves to be the final straw for them, selling their house to an unknown buyer who tables a good offer.

4. Kandisha (2008)


Starring Said Al Toughmawi, Asaad Bouab and David Carradine, the film is about Kandisha, a famous jinn figure in the Maghreb's heritage, who faces off with lawyer Naila Al-Jaidi as the latter tries to uncover the truth about her daughter's death.

5. Djinn (2013)


Starring Khaled Laith, Razan Jamal, and Aiysha Hart, the film - which was produced in UAE - talks about a couple who return to their neighborhood to find that it's haunted.

The famous jinn figure "Oum Doueis", who uses her luscious perfume to lure people and murder them, in the now-abandoned neighborhood, where she is on the search for her lost child.

This article was originally published in Arabic on YallaFeed .