To most of the Arab youth, simplicity is a thing of the past. We like our meals sophisticated and fused with international tastes, our outfits from the trendiest of stores, and our gadgets the latest on the market.

One single dessert's endless evolutions are proof of our hard-to-please attitude. But to our mothers, kunafa isn't a joke and comes in one form... and one form only...

So you see, you've got the regular kunafa...

Whether you call it "knefeh", "kunafa", "knafeh", or cheesy heaven in a bun... this dessert is life. 

With ultimate spins and creations laying a decorating hand on our beloved dessert, Arab mothers will not be impressed by the sight of this.

Note: It's totally understandable for you to get disowned by your family if you show them this post.

1. We're getting used to this creation... your usual kunafa and Nutella. Looks bomb though

Source: Mammeto

2. A fresh, summery twist would be introducing mango slices to a kunafa tart

3. When two royal desserts meet... kunafa red velvet cake is born

4. Have you tried having a kunafa bowl filled with ice cream?


5. Or simply an ice cream kunafa on a stick?

6. If you're ever in a hurry, think of these kunafa rolls to eliminate your hunger

7. And if you've got time on your hands, have this waffle kunafa for whatever meal you wish

8. Feel like crying? Look at these kunafa cups filled with Nutella

9. Is this real life?

10. You'd definitely munch on these, but your mother wouldn't

11. Man'oucheh and kunafa... doesn't that sound like the perfect breakfast?

12. We present to you: rice pudding and kunafa

13. That is indeed a chocolate and kunafa fondant

14. Another breakfast idea: kunafa in a croissant...

15. Is it snack time? YAS! Fried kunafa balls...

16. Hosting a wedding with 1,000 Arab relatives?

17. Or maybe a birthday gathering?

18. Yes.... that is in fact a lotus-kunafa volcano

19. Cheesecake + kunafa = the ultimate gathering dessert

20. Kunafa tiramisu looks goooood

Source: YouTube

21. We must ask, are macarons even okay to Arab mothers? Would a kunafa macaron pass the test?

Source: Pinterest

22. Short horror story: avocado kunafa

23. A sweet, sweet mix of Nutella, kunafa, and ice cream... that's one refreshing slice

24. And finally, a heart-shaped kunafa... because kunafa is love