The shatafa... an indispensable bathroom tool that always finds its way into our daily conversations. 

This is why it's no surprise we relentlessly talk about it on social media. 

The result? 

Hilarious shatafa posts that'll make you LOL.

1. On this shatafa classic

2. On non-Arab shatafa uses

3. On people not discovering shatafas yet

4. On how underrated they really are

5. On this epic creation

6. On shatafa inspiration

7. On the shatafa ability to wrap up an argument

8. On advanced shatafas

9. On the tool's multi-uses

10. On shatafas and summer

11. On introducing them to Westerners

12. On shatafa speeds

13. On shutting down anyone who messes with shatafas

14. On shatafa hitbacks

15. On people referring to them like this

16. On shatafa acronyms