As the holy city of all Abrahamic religions, Jerusalem has been through countless wars throughout its history. 

It’s one of the world’s oldest cities and has been conquered, destroyed, and rebuilt over and over again. 

Before the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the city of Jerusalem was an Arab city where peace and coexistence prevailed. That version of the city seems to be all but forgotten. 

Here are 15 vintage pictures that capture the timeless essence of the Palestinian capital.

1. Jerusalem (1915)

2. Inside the city of Jerusalem (1900~1920)

3. The “Jew of Jerusalem” (1900~1910)

4. Call to prayer from Saladin's Tower (1934~1939)

5. Arab Ladies’ Union, girls' school in Musrara Quarter (1940~1946)

6. Arab men in car (1930~1951)

7. Streets in old Jerusalem (1920~1933)

8. A Bedouin (1898~1940)

9. Greek priest (1915~1920)

10. Ancient olive trees cared for by Franciscan monks (1898~1940)

11. Nebi Musa procession passing Gethsemane, Jerusalem (1936)

12. Palm Sunday, parvis of the basilica. Armenian Patriarch's official entry into basilica (1937~1944)

13. Druze sheikhs (1900~1920)

14. Entrance of the Saint Sépulcre church (1880~1900)

15. An old man, Avram, at his home, enjoying his Yemenite 'Shishy' (1939)