Anyone who lives in the United Arab Emirates knows that Sharjah is famous for being the cultural hub of the country ... and for having the worst reputation in terms of traffic. 

But there are a few other lesser known facts about the second largest Emirate in the UAE that only “Sharjahrians” know all too well.

Here are a few: 

1. But first, the TRAFFIC!

If your office is in Dubai then you know you have to leave Sharjah as early as 6:00 am to beat your equally late and stressed fellow drivers.

2. Rolla is the area that sends shivers down the spines of Sharjah drivers

Traffic is so bad in this area that you'll feel as though you've aged in a matter of hours. 

3. And speaking of congestion … how about that parking situation?

Sharjah is known for its limited parking spaces and that’s why many residents end up renting one. 

4. Shisha and alcohol are prohibited in Sharjah

In other words, they are banned. You’d have to go to Dubai or another emirate to enjoy a pint and a shisha.

5. If you are a “Sharjahrian” then you know you live in food heaven!

Everyone in the UAE knows that Sharjah has the best Middle Eastern street food, especially in Jamal Abdul Nasser street.

6. You also know that the best shawarma in the country is only minutes away

Laffah Cafeteria (aka Laffa7) regulars will know what we are talking about here. The place is famous for its succulent shawarma! 

And if falafel is your thing then you probably have Falafil al-Comodor and Falafil Fareyha on your speed dial.

7. Istanbul supermarket is where you'll find “a taste of home”

Arabs who love their traditional food such as mulukhiyah, kibbeh, warak 3inab and makdous know that this supermarket is the best place to find all those dishes and more.

8. American University of Sharjah (AUS) is the university you want to be in

But it's not all fun and games; students know that AUS also stands for (Always Under Stress) because studying there means kissing your social life goodbye, especially if you're into engineering or architecture.

9. Karak street is where AUS students chill out

And Matajer Al Jurainah is where you'll most probably find students having a bite to eat and complaining about the ridiculous amount of homework they have. 

10. Before Vox and Novo cinemas, Star cinema was the entertainment hub

Or Al Massa cinema, which is now fancily-named Novo Cinemas Buhairah. 

11. 90s kids named their football teams after their neighborhoods

Matches used to go for 2 to 3 hours, and kids played under the scorching heat with scores reaching anywhere between 10 to 15 goals! 

Talk about competitiveness! 

12. A taxi ride to anywhere in Sharjah used to cost you a flat 5 dirhams

And 10 to 15 dirhams if you decided to splash out and go all the way to Dubai. 

13. Stallion records was the place to go to buy new music

And if Stallion was not your thing then maybe you bought a 20 dirham mixed tape at some point from Yara or Monte Carlo records in Wahda street.  

14. Fashionistas got their latest clothes and accessories from the Central souk

While game fanatics went there to buy the best Nintendo and Sega games. 

15. Sharjah is the capital of paintball in the UAE!

And you can do it at the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club. If you haven’t been there yet, then you should definitely give it a go. It's a whole lot of fun, we promise!